Eight killed, 12 injured due to rains in KP


40 houses damaged,animals killed in Landikotal tehsil
The Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA) on Monday issued a report on the loss of life and property in the province due to heavy rains during the last three days.
According to preliminary reports, eight people were killed and 12 people were injured. In which four children, three men and a woman are among the dead persons, while the injured include four women, six men and two children.
According to report, a total of 85 houses were damaged due to the collapse of walls and roofs in different districts, in which 15 houses were completely damaged and 70 houses were partially damaged.
Due to heavy rain, life and financial accidents took place in different districts of Dir Upper, Chitral Lower, Swat, Malakand and Bajaur.
The Chief Minister of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa directed the concerned district administration to provide immediate assistance to the affected family and provide the best medical facilities to the injured.
Relief materials were provided to the victims of the affected districts by PDMA.
Due to continuous heavy rains, the flow of water in the rivers in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is normal.
The flow of water at Nowshera in Kabul River is record 98,500 cusecs moderate flood.
Indus river water flow at Kherabad 103,200 cusecs record as usual.
41,804 cusecs record of water flow of Kabul River at Warsak as usual, flow of water at river Swat at Khawaza Khela is 30,183 cusecs normal and 27,701 cusecs record of water flow River Swat at Chakdara normally.
80,000 cusecs of water flow at Swat riverat Munda high level flood while 42,187 cusecs record water flow Panjkora River at Zolam Bridge low level flood,
The PDMA is in constant contact with all district administrations, related and Aid agencies.
PDMA’s emergency operation center is fully operational, people should report any untoward incident to 1700.
Meanwhile, the devastating heavy downpour and flash floods continued for the last two days destroyed dozens of homes and killed a number of pet animals in various areas of Landikotal tehsil, officials said on Monday.
Assistant commissioner of Landikotal Irshad Mohmand told The News that they have received a pictures of more than thirty homes damaged or destroyed due to the flash floods and heavy downpour.
Flash floods also washed away links roads in various villages, residents said.
Pak-Afghan highway built in 2015 at the cost of Rs,8726.624 millions closed due having no bridges at nine water spliway places from Jamrud to Landikotal which were the prolonging demanding of residents to save lives from flash floods.
Irshad said rain and flash floods damaged houses and other compounds in Landikotal,Torkham,Kam Shalman and Loey Shalman,Bazaar Zakhakhel,Pasedkhel,Khyber Zakhakhel and other villages. The Hujra of legend Pashtu poet Amir Hamza Khan Shinwari was also damaged due to the rain.
The official said their assisment teams along with the Provincial Disaster Management Authority(PDMA) were working to identify the whole damages so to provide them initial help. He said due to the non stop rain raining their teams could not reached to far flung areas so far.
He said a numbers of pet animals were also reported dead due to rain while few vehicles were also washed away in floods.
The official said roughly 30 to 40 homes damaged so far reported while they have received nine application for compensation. He said tents were provided to some affected families nearby in Landikotal.
He said in a day or two they would issue report on total damages due to the rain and flash floods in Landiko