Establishment of peace pivotal for development: Sarwar


Governor Punjab Chaudhry Sarwar on Monday said that most important thing development in the world was peace and world must work together to attain global peace.
While addressing the 12th Bosphorus Conference in Istanbul, Sarwar said that Pakistan made exemplary sacrifices for the eradication of terrorism. For peace and stability in Afghanistan, the whole world must come to the same page.
“In countries where terrorism is eradicated and peace is established, there is definitely development and stability, so all countries must play their part in establishing peace.” Sarwar urged representatives of 80 countries, which took part in the conference.
Sarwar while referring to Pakistan’s initiatives to combat Coronavirus crisis, said that the government of Pakistan had distributed Rs 260 billion to poor families through Ehsaas program and no political discrimination was made between them. Pakistan is one of the countries which with successful strategy has not only stopped the spread of Corona but also managed to stop the increase in casualties due to Corona.
Sarwar, while referring to Pakistan’s initiatives on climate change, said that Pakistan has adopted a comprehensive strategy to address environmental challenges through the 10 billion tree tsunami project. There is no doubt that if environmental challenges are not taken seriously then the situation will be different in future. National parks are being created in Pakistan to avoid the effects of climate change. 15 new national parks have been created in a year to combat climate change, he added.