Faiq demands formulation of a joint board to overcome with present crisis


Chairman, Amun Taraqqi Party (ATP) Muhammad Faiq Shah has demanded the formulation of a joint Board of Wisdom and Honesty to eliminate provocations, political and economic instability in country. He assured that his party is ready to provide a complete strategy.
According to a statement issued here on Monday, Shah again suggested constituting a joint Board of Wisdom and Honesty [BWH] that would consist of the government, opposition, judiciary, military, media, eminent religious clerics, ulema, social activists, think tanks and other institutions.
Shah noticed the people are faced with great hardships in present circumstances.
He demanded to devise a single policy, agenda and line of action on people, country, economy and progress and should build up a consensus on it.
The ATP chairman said there shouldn’t be negative impacts on policies by regime changes in the country.
He stressed the need for consistency and stability in policies and programmes to continue with the journey of progress, saying that taking U-turns again and again cannot move the country ahead.
Faiq while reacting to Inter-Services Public Relations, Director General (ISPR-DG) Maj Gen Babar Iftikhar said the ISPR spokesman has presented a practical solution to all issues.
He described the provocative remarks are detrimental for institutions and society.
Therefore, he emphasized bringing reforms in electoral and administration systems, which is presently the best and ideal solution of the current scenario.
He expressed hope that a complete calm in politics and stability in the institution would come after the forming of the proposed joint board.
Faiq attributed the diseases which had inflicted colossal damage to the country that include ‘Tug of war’ for gaining power, politics based on personality and inheritance, and lack of concrete measures for lawmaking.
He asked to immediately focus on these diseases and cure them without any further delay, if not do so, the situation would be aggravated with each passing day, he warned.
The ATP chairman noticed the democratic norms weren’t nurtured in wake of feeble political and electoral systems.
Politics based on personality and family is at peak while law has downgraded in the country, he observed.
Furthermore, he noted the tendency has created differences between rich and poor, besides grouping and hatreds had been fostered as well that politics caught up in a narrow street and issues have been complicated.