Faiq flays govt over rising inflation, hike in power tariff


Muhammad Faiq Shah, founder and chairman of the Amun Taraqqi Party on Tuesday fired a fresh broadside at the incumbent government, blaming it for ballooning inflation.
The party leader called upon the caretaker government to reconsider the increase in power tariffs, warning them of public frustration if they failed to do so.
He emphasized that public authority and justice are imperative for socio-economic uplift of downtrodden segments of the society.
Talking to delegations and public segments here at party central secretariat, Mr Shah said, ‘’Even now, the poor people in the country will long for the basic amenities like bread and pulses.’’
On hand prices continue to rise, the government by following orders of IMF, is increasing constantly gas and power tariffs, which is already made hard for people to pay heavy utility bills in the sky-rocketing inflation.
The ATP chief stressed that the country needed political stability, which could only be achieved if institutions maintained their neutrality and remained apolitical.
He held the current and previous government responsible for present political and economic chaos.
The party leader made it clear that progress cannot come until the uplift of the important ignored sectors.
He said the new government at centre and provinces had the utmost duty to make collaborative efforts for promotion of agriculture, education and health sector.
Faiq, whose political struggle for public rights and justice in the country got fame among all segments, also shedding light on the challenges faced by politicians and the evolving landscape of power.
The ATP chief noted that politicians often convene in talk shows and events, suggesting that if they can unite in these arenas, they should also be able to come together in Parliament to address national issues collectively.
Commenting on the country’s situation, Shah said: “There prevails a culture of plundering in Punjab and interior Sindh.
The situation in Balochistan is also worsening.”
Similarly, he added that the situation in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is unchanged.