Faqir Aipee remembers on his 64th death anniversary in Landi Kotal


    Sixty fourth death anniversary of famous freedom fighter, Mirzali Khan alias Faqir Aipee was held here in Landi Kotal last day.
    In this connection a seminar was organized by the local literary organization in Landi Kotal press club, district Khyber that was attended by scores of witters, political elites and members of civil society.
    Addressing on the occasion speakers including Riaz Shah Afridi, Yousaf Bahir, Nazeef Lala, Aftab Shinwari and others highlighted various aspects of Faqir Aipee and paid homage to the nationalist leader.
    They said that Pakhtuns have forgotten their heroes like Mirzali Khan, Khushal Khan who had won freedom for them from British rule.
    Fiqir Aipee not only led their countrymen politically but also established institutions to decorate them with knowledge, they remarked.
    The Britshers deliberately distorted Pakhtuns history who had given them a tough time during freedom fighting, they maintained and said it was irony of the time that after creation of Pakistan the same attitude was continued towards Pakhtuns.
    They went on that it was one of the core causes of the Pakhtuns digression that they were deprived of the right to get their education in their mother language, Pashto.
    The speakers urged the Pakhtuns to hold their culture and civilization and avoid following alien customs and tradition if they want to be part of developed societies.