Fazl criticises military’s role in politics


Demands fresh polls
JUI-F chief says this is not a democratic govt but rather few individuals who had been given positions of power
Maulana Fazlur Rehman, the chief of his own faction of Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam (JUI-F), has called for fresh elections in Pakistan, denouncing the military’s involvement in the nation’s political affairs.
Speaking at a press conference in Multan on Wednesday, Rehman said that the military’s interference in elections was unacceptable and that the country needed to move towards democracy.
Lashing out at the government, he said that it was not a democratic government but rather a few individuals who had been given positions of power. He said that the military’s role in the country’s politics was a threat to democracy and that the country needed to move towards a democratic system. He said the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz led government had failed to deliver on its promises and that the country was facing economic and political crises. He said that the country needed a new government that would work for the people and not just for a few individuals.
“If the nation does not rise up and protect its vote, then we are going towards continuous slavery,” he remarked.
He reiterated the paramountcy of parliamentary supremacy and the sanctity of constitutional institutions, vehemently opposing any encroachment on their authority. Responding to queries about potential reconciliation with the PML-N, Rehman affirmed his commitment to his stance, underlining the importance of unwavering principles.
Rejecting the notion of accepting political positions based on offers, Rehman reaffirmed his dedication to democratic processes. He asserted that any leadership roles he assumes must be through electoral mandates, rejecting the notion of political bargaining. Expressing solidarity with farmers, particularly those in Punjab, Rehman criticised the government’s mismanagement of agricultural affairs. He called for accountability regarding wheat imports and urged swift action against those responsible for injustices against farmers.
Rehman reiterated his demand for fresh elections, calling for the government’s resignation and urging the military to refrain from intervening in electoral processes. He decried the widespread corruption and malpractices plaguing elections, emphasising the need for substantive reforms.
Regarding geopolitical matters, Rehman criticised the government’s handling of relations with neighbouring countries, highlighting deteriorating ties with Afghanistan and missed opportunities with China. He cautioned against antagonising Afghanistan and underscored the importance of regional stability.
The JUI-F chief lamented the country’s focus on militarisation at the expense of economic development, urging a shift towards a more balanced approach. He warned against reliance solely on military prowess, advocating for a holistic strategy encompassing political and economic dimensions.