FEDMEC CEO, Secretary arrested for illegally allotting land to Farah Gogi


Chief Executive Officer (CEO) (FEDMAC) Rana Yousuf and Secretary Special Economic Zone Committee Maqsood Ahmed have been arrested for illegally allotting land worth million of rupees to Garah Gogi in Faisalabad Special Economic zone.
The physical remand of the two accused has also been obtained.
Decision has been taken to include in the investigation PTI provincial leader and former chairman FEDMAC Kashif Ashfaq, Zafar Sarwar and top functionaries of former Punjab government.

According to Online Anti corruption has arrested CEO FEDMAC Rana Yousuf and secretary Maqsood Ahmed for allegedly allotting 10 acres industrial land to Farah Gogi, close friend of wife of former Prime Minster (PM) Imran Khan in Faisalabad Economic zone. A case has also been registered against them.,

The accused are charged with allotting illegally industrial plot to Farah Gogi and his mother’s company Al-Mu’az Dairy for only Rs. 83 million while the market rate of this plot is Rs 600 million. The industrial plot can be allotted to the company valuing Rs2 billion.

Farah Gogi’s husband Ahsan Jamil Gujjar gave a fake guarantee of Rs 2 billion to get the industrial plot. Anti-corruption is also investigating the assets of Farah Gogi and Ahsan Jamil Gujjar.

Anti corruption Punjab is also conducting investigation into the assets of Farah Gogi and Ahsan Jamil Gujjar.

The preliminary investigation has revealed forgery was committed at large scale in the allotment of land of FEDMEC. The arrested accused were only used. They made allotments under the orders of top functionaries of former government.

Kashif Ishfaq son of PTI provincial leader Mian Ishfaq Ahmad was appointed chairman of FEDMEC. Later PTI Business forum chairman and former vice president Zafar Sarwar was nominated as FEDMEC chairman. All the allotments have been made on his recommendations.

A 3-member Joint investigation team of anti corruption has launched further investigation into the case.
Decision has been taken to include former chairman FEDMEC, top functionaries of the former government in the investigation.

All the record of revenue department has been taken into possession.