Ranbir Kapoor talks about doing negative roles in Bollywood


Bollywood’s leading actor Ranbir Kapoor has recently talked about his “love for the bad boys of Hindi cinema”, Indian media reported.
In the third episode of a three episodic candid video series titled ‘RK Tapes’, Ranbir said talked about the towering villains who make the hero bigger.
“We invariably side with the hero. But if there was no villain for the hero to show his heroism, how would a hero be a hero? I have a dream that once I will do a negative role and people will tell their kids ‘so jaa, so jaa nahi toh Ranbir aa jayega!’ (a famous dialogue from a Hindi movie). As our cinema evolves, the villain’s character too is becoming more and more complex and interesting. I’m looking forward to the bad guys we are yet to watch, to the actors who will scare us out of our seats and to the villains that will redefine evil,” Ranbir said in the video.