Full court reference in honor of Chief Justice Qaiser Rashid held


A full court reference held in the honor of Peshawar High Court Chief Justice Qaiser Rashid Khan, who has been retiring on Thursday.
Justice Qaiser Rasheed Khan always worked for the rule of law, Advocate General Aamir Javed in his address to the full court reference held at Peshawar High Court premises by paying glowing tribute to him.
Justice Qaiser Rasheed Khan always kept his oath, and he is an example for all, Advocate General. said in his remarks.
Justice Qaiser Rasheed Khan played an important role for justice, said Deputy Attorney General Sanaullah.
He said Justice Qaiser Rashid will always be missed.
Spent 20 years, Justice Qaiser Rasheed in great honor and kept intact the rule of law, which is an example for all to come, President High Court Bar Association Rehmanullah said.
He said Justice Qaiser Rasheed Khan has never compromised on justice, may Allah have mercy on him. Justice Qaiser Rasheed had the potential to become a judge of the Supreme Court, but unfortunately, he was not made, Rahmanullah said.
“I congratulate Justice Qaiser Rasheed on his brilliant career,” Justice Rohul Amin said in his address to the full court reference.
Justice Qaiser Rasheed worked as a protector for the supremacy of the constitution and independent judiciary, Justice Rohul Amin added.
Justice Qaiser Rasheed dealt with many important cases of public interest, Justice Rohul Amin said.
Chief Justice Qaiser Rashid tried hard to fulfill the constitutional responsibility, Justice Rohul Amin said.
“I joined the legal department on the request of my father. Because of him, I am here today, Chief Justice Qaiser Rashid, in address to the full court reference held in his honor.
“I am proud of the struggle of lawyers during the emergency, I became the first prisoner of the province at that time,” Chief Justice Qaiser Rashid said.
Today, late Justice Waqar Seth is being remembered. He was a very brave person, Justice Qaiser Rashid said while paying rich tribute to late Justice Waqar Seth. There are political and economic crises and security challenges in the country, but with the grace of Almighty Allah, these problems will end soon, said Chief Justice Qaiser Rashid.