Govt stands firm, elections to take place on due time: Sarwar


Punjab Governor Chaudhry Sarwar on Friday rejected any possibility of midterm elections and said that despite pressure exerted by political opponents government stood firm.
Talking to his party workers at governor house, Sarwar said that Prime Minister Imran Khan will fulfill his constitutional term and urged political opponents ‘to wait for general elections instead of protesting on the roads’.
Governor Punjab said that incumbent PTI government led by Prime Minister Imran Khan took all possible steps to save Pakistan from economic crisis. “People are being given full relief through Naya Pakistan Card and Ehsas program and the provision of basic facilities to the people including health and education is the foremost goal of PTI government for which the federal and Punjab governments are working.” Sarwar added.
Chaudhry Sarwar said that people gave the ruling mandate to PTI for five years and it is the constitutional and democratic right of the government to fulfill the constitutional term and the political opponents should also recognize the mandate of the PTI and Let the government fulfill its constitutional term.
He said that Opposition had no right to come out on the roads and protest to destabilize the country. The government is in place and will complete its constitutional term.