Govt to last as long as allies want: Rana Sanaullah


Interior minister Rana Sanaullha has said that government will last as long as the allies’ parties want.
He addressed cheque distribution ceremony of labor department in Faisalabad on Sunday.
We will decide when the elections to be held, Rana said, if we went for election the country may defaulted.
He said former government only took revenge and did nothing for country; they targeted political opponent daily bases in different fake cases.
If the agreement with IMF did not show the signature of Shoukat Tareen then we are responsible, Rana challenged, who agreed to zero subsidy and low levy.
He said protests and rallies are not banned in the country but if someone tries to spread chaos and unrest will be dealt with iron hands.
On 25 May, their protest failed he continued, and now they are misleading the people.
Yesterday we allowed them till 12 o’clock at night and they ended the rally 45 minutes early, he said, which means that they failed.
They say personalities setting in Parliament and all political parties are thieves, said Rana Sanaullah, and also reminded that they once termed Choudhry Parvez Elahi the biggest thief of Punjab and now they want him to be the Chief Minister.
He said that they are facing defeat in every court and their corruption is coming out for which they don’t have answers.
In 2013 the country was facing two problems: load shedding and terrorism, Rana said, and Nawaz Shareef brought country out from both of them.
He also alleged that when the gas was available in $5 they didn’t bought and now the industry is closed due to gas scarcity and load shedding is also result of that.
He said bad governance issue now will be ended, due to which lay man facing inflation.
CAOS appointment will be made on time in accordance with constitution, he said.
He also claimed that, if PTI marchs again we will stop them at Attock Bridge.