Grand national dialogue imperative to end political rumpus, anarchy: Faiq


Chairman, Amun Taraqqi Party (ATP) Muhammad Faiq Shah said a grand national dialogue is crucial to eradicate the prevailing political rumpus and anarchy in the country.
Shah while talking to different delegations here at the ATP Central Secretariat on Saturday stressed that meaningful talks should be initiated to end current political unrest and pave the way for holding elections.
He said the process of economic and social progress has clogged up under the prevailing circumstances.
Everything is going in the wrong direction, he added.
Faiq termed the opposition and ruling coalition government two sides of the same coin, saying that the incumbent rulers followed the policies of the previous regimes.
He asked the rulers to avoid playing hardball with opposition.
The ATP chairman stressed there is dire need of hour to shun political differences and join heads for bringing polticial and economic stability.
He said the people were bearing the brunt of the flawed policies of the incumbent government.
Shah said that the prices of the daily use items had increased manifold as no check and balance mechanism has been placed to give relief to poor masses.
He said the economy has been devastated and the situation is going from bad to worse with each passing day.
The party chief called upon all segments of the society to come forward for protection of law, democracy and state.
Shah emphasized the reforms and legislation are imperative instead of preaching about lawlessness.
He noted the law has been made personal servant and housemaid.
He recalled that ATP is spearheading an awareness movement for economic and social justice across the country.
Faiq said the party has played a pivotal role in bringing youth and competent people up through the ongoing vigorous campaign.
He viewed the power, justice and authorities as the legitimate right of people, which will be gained at every cost.