Hidayatul Haq commends Hockey Team’s performance in Azlan Shah Championship


Malik Hidayatul Haq, renowned for his significant contributions to the promotion of sports in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, has congratulated the national hockey team on their outstanding performance in the Azlan Shah Championship. He lauded the players as national heroes and expressed optimism for their future achievements, attributing their success to the commendable support from the federal and Punjab governments.
Haq emphasized that the encouragement provided by the authorities has instilled a sense of passion and enthusiasm among the hockey players, which he believes will be pivotal in the development of Pakistan Hockey. “The Pakistan Hockey Team performed exceptionally well throughout the tournament, including the final. I am hopeful that the team will continue to improve and deliver even better performances in the future,” he stated.
Highlighting the significance of hockey as both a national sport and a source of national pride, Haq stressed the need to focus on its development and promotion. He acknowledged the inherent talent of Pakistani players but pointed out the necessity for targeted efforts to nurture this talent at the grassroots level.
Haq also called upon the government to resolve the internal conflicts within the Pakistan Hockey Federation and to liberate the sport from the control of vested interests. He urged for initiatives to bring hockey to the street level, where abundant talent exists but is often neglected. “There is enough talent at the grassroots level, but it is being wasted due to inattention,” Haq remarked.
By addressing these issues, Haq believes that Pakistan can reclaim its esteemed position in the world of hockey and continue to celebrate its national sport with pride and success.