Huawei to extend its business network in Pakistan


SHANGHAI (INP): Top management of Huawei has expressed its willingness to expand their telecom business network in Pakistan and to become best service provider in cell phone service.
It is possible to do more work in Pakistan since the security situation in Pakistan is now much improved, said Vice president Government and Public Utility sector Huawei F.E Edwin Diender.
His company attached high importance to the Safe city project in federal capital, hoping it will boost security situation of the city. Huawei is going to develop five safe cities in Punjab including Lahore. It is also providing services in implementation of CPEC-related projects, particularly for laying data-cables for batter telecom connectivity at home and abroad.
Meanwhile, Chief operating officer, Safe-city project Akbar Nasir Khan said there are a number of Chinese companies which are interested to invest in Pakistan, as they believe it safer place now and profit-oriented.
In his key-note address at a seminar held here, Akbar Nasir Khan lauded the vision and efforts of Chief Minister Punjab promoting Sino-Pak joint ventures through the projects like safe-city.
With the help of Huawei, the Punjab government is going to develop five major cities in Pakistan in security perspective.
He said safe city project of Lahore is going to be inaugurated this month.
“ We have hired a team of professional who will work on this project and we are very much hopeful that we will get positive results.” He added.
About safe city project in Islamabad, he said it is fully operative and hopefully it will have good results maintaining peace in federal capital.
He said CPEC is the game changer for Pakistan and this mega project would have positive impact all over the country. Akbar said safe city project in Lahore would be more effective, as chief minister Punjab is taking full interest in it and wished to make it exemplary one.