I don’t want seat on charity: JI Hafiz Naeem


JI Karachi Amir Hafiz Naeem ur Rehman has announced to leave seat of Sindh Assembly (SA) and said not he but PTI independent candidate has won seat in PS-129 adding he does not want seat on charity.
“ I don’t want seat on charity. The right be given to who deserves for this right, he said this while addressing press conference here Monday.
He went on to say PTI has secured more vote and we accept their mandate. We accept victory of PTI. I am returning my seat. I have such courage and I will not get this seat.
He held we will fight legal and political war. You cannot change the minds of people through fake mandate. My votes were shown 26000 while these were more than 30000. I withdraw from seat of PS-129. We don’t want even single additional vote and are not ready to give our single vote to any one. We should be given what seats we have won.
He went on to say my this seat is slap on the face of Election Commission (EC). We will fight for our seats.
These people are celebrating fake mandate. If MQM wins through fair way,we will accept it. MQM cannot win even seat of a single councillor.
Timely voting was not started on several polling stations. People were deprived of right to vote.
Those who were involved in this irregularity removed cameras first of all and then started filling boxes. Worst irregularity was committed in Form 47.