Home Top News If we are divided 2 billions Muslims will become disappointed: FM

If we are divided 2 billions Muslims will become disappointed: FM

If we are divided 2 billions Muslims will become disappointed: FM

Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi has said if we are divided then 2 -billion Muslims will become disappointed and if we become united then we will get more achievements like March 15 resolution on Islamophobia.

“ India made all endeavors to sabotage the conference. Indian diplomats made efforts round the clock to fail the conference. Some of our people were also entrapped by them due to their innocence. I will not doubt the intent of our people. It was said OIC conference will not be allowed to take place and sit in will be staged. This is honor for Pakistan . People who have come today they have come for Pakistan. Governments come and go. OIC conference is taking place in forceful manner despite Indian designs, he said this while talking to media men in parliament house Tuesday.

He indicated that for the first time in the history of OIC, Chinese foreign minister has come. This has dispelled all the speculations that our ties with China are staggering.

It is message of China “ Pakistan you are not alone”. We were with Pakistan yesterday and we are with Pakistan today too. Some people give one color and due to the presence of Chinese foreign minister their color has dimmed. China wants to enhance its ties with Muslim countries.
He went on to say “ Today is important day for Pakistan. Pakistan diverted the attention of world countries to Afghanistan issue in OIC December conference.

Our resolve is to highlight the Indian brutalities in Kashmir in OIC conference, he stated.

Our Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan and foreign minister will raise the flag of Kashmir. We will give clear message to people of Kashmir we are with you. We have not forgotten you.

He thanked Bilawal Bhutto saying Bilawal Bhutto too has welcomed OIC by reviewing his statement. OIC can be the larger forum after UN.

“Our Tehreek is Tehreek insaf. We will highlight Insaf.