Iftikhar, the brave son of Dir’s soil, who hits back terrorists at the cost of his life


The brave son of the soil of Dir, a security guard deputed at the entrance gate of Karachi Stock Market kept the terrorists engaged to halt their entry into the main premises for some time despite being shot in the shoulder.
The video clips and eye witnesses said the guard Iftikhar Wahid rather than running for his life was the first to intercept the terrorists at the main gate and halted their entry to main premises for quite a time. He was shot in the shoulder on the first site but still he kept firing on the terrorist from behind his security cabin.
His bravery and persistence to stop and fight the anti-state elements was beyond describing as aging above 50s and having five children at home, one of them crippled couldn’t avert his determination and not caring for his own life he did his best to the possible extent for the country.
His valiant retaliation to the terrorists, frustrated them from the very start and they were seemed running misguidedly with their focus lost. The terrorists who attacked the Stock Exchange did not expect such reprisal at the start as they believed an ordinary security staff would not take much time to get rid of.
However all their speculations proved wrong when they faced brave Iftikahar Wahid at the first check point. The unexpected hit back from Iftikhar Wahid pour waters on the nefarious designs of the terrorists and they were turned away from would be anti-human plan.
To break the blockade made by Iftikhar Wahid was so irrelative and important for the terrorists that they shot him for eight once he was subdued. Iftikhar received three bullets on chest, one on the back, one on hand and two on shoulders. He was the first victim of the attack but fought the terrorists till his last breath.
His valiant action indeed averted a big attempt of sabotage otherwise if (God forbid) the terrorists would have found a hassle free entry, the damage to people’s lives could have been far more.
According to ISPR, Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa has also paid homage to the security guards who took the terrorists head-on and prevented a major terrorist incident at the cost of their lives.
Iftikhar Wahid, a resident of village Ouch, Dir Lower was residing in Karachi since long and was going to retire in few days but he did some extraordinary for the country before quitting his job. People in large number were coming to the residence of his relative to offer Fateha and pay homage to the brave son of the soil.
They demanded “Shaheed package” for the martyred and support from the government for his bereaved family of six.