IG-KP directs special security measures for Ramadan


The Inspector General of Police (IGP) Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) Akhtar Hayat Khan has directed police high ups to ensure fool proof security measures for maintenance of law and order during the holy month of Ramadan and preempt and prevent all type of untoward incidents well in time.
These special directives were given to all Regional Police Officers (RPOs) and District Police Officers (DPOs) throughout the province in a circular issued from CPO here on Wednesday.
They have been directed in the circular to tighten noose around the nick of terrorists, further improve their intelligence network, keep close vigilance on the militant organizations and fanatic elements, establish in-lets and out-lets of each and every city and carry out special checking on these points without causing any inconvenience to the public.
The IGP further directed the police high ups to take special measures for safety and security of important national installations, worship places, markets, banks, hospitals, petrol pumps, railway stations, airports and other potential targets.
Special instructions were issued to quarters concerned for special security measures for those offering prayers at mosques and other worship places especially during Fajar and Taraweeh time.
Police high ups were also directed to make journey safe for the commuters on all important main roads and highways and increase their foot and mobile patrolling and prevent and preempt any attempt of robberies and dacoties on it.
The IGP furthered for security measures at all shopping centers especially for protection of women customers and deploy plain clothes personnel beside routine policing to effectively curb the menace of pickpocketing.
In special circular, traffic police have also been directed to ensure smooth flow of traffic especially during rush hours and Iftari time and traffic police should open fasting on duty.
SDPOs and SHOs have been directed to carry out patrolling during the peak hours and congregation time and ensure maximum and fool proof security to the potential targets of terrorism.
They have also been directed to send jawans for duty with all safety measures by ensuring to wear helmets and bullet proof jackets.