Imran Khan fears political engineering to weaken PTI


PTI chief once again lashes out at ex-COAS Bajwa, holding him responsible for prevailing crisis
Former Prime Minister Imran Khan on Sunday said the ‘establishment’ has not learned from the past and that ‘political engineering’ may be carried out to break his party away.
“I fear that unfortunately, our establishment has not learnt from the past. Today, we are seeing political engineering being carried out,” Imran said as he addressed a women workers convention in Karachi via video link.
In his address, Imran pointed out at reunion of Muttaheda Qaumi Movement (MQM) in Karachi and some of the factions of Balochistan Awami Party (BAP) joining the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP). “We want to bring about a peaceful revolution through the ballot box,” he said.
Expressing his concern over country’s economic woes, the former premier lambasted current Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) government. At this point of time however he said, country could both lead to prosperity and decline. He went on to say that the country was at a crossroads. Going back to the 1990s, Mr. Khan said the country started to face a crisis after the 1990s.
He said the plan to install the PML-N s government in Punjab was now underway. He reiterated that there only strong government could take the country out of the quagmire.
The former prime minister accused ex army chief General retired Bajwa to be mainly responsible for current economic and political turmoil. He said only PTI could take country out of crisis. For this purpose, he said, free and transparent elections are compulsory.
Imran Khan regretted that the current government was begging international lenders for some financial aid they [the lenders] could demand a compromise on national security to lend money.