‘Imran pressurized state institutions to protect himself from accountability’


Former federal minister and senior leader of Pakistan People’s Party, Nawabzada Khwaja Mohammad Khan Hoti on Wednesday strongly criticized former prime minister Imran Khan and said that Imran Khan is a liar and a temptation.
“Imran Khan called other animals and traitors while he himself was an animal, traitor and constitution breaker”, he added. He expressed these views while addressing a news conference at Mardan press club.
He appreciated the decision of the Election Commission to dismiss the PTI’s petition for disqualification of the 20 National Assembly members. He argued that on one side Imran Khan doesn’t trust the election commission and election commissioner while on the other side he submitted a petition against the 20 members of national assembly. Khwaja Hoti also criticized Sheikh Rashid Ahmed and said that Sheikh Rashid in the past talked about the fourth door of GHQ but now all the doors were closed from him except the door of Banigala Islamabad.
He said that PTI claimed that more than 2 lakh people will attend the public rally which will be held on 13th May at Mardan. He argued that the PTI will hold a rally at the railway ground where from 15 to 20 thousand people could be accommodated then how can the PTI accommodate 2 lakh people. He argued that PTI isn’t a political party but also a group of mentally ill and liar people.
He claimed that 20 thousand people attended the Jehlam rally of Imran Khan and 7 thousand people attended the Abbottabad rally.
He added that 22 crore people are living in Pakistan then how can a few thousand people decide the fate of 22 crore people.
He added that a large amount of corruption was made in the Imran Khan government and several mega corruption scandals surfaced. He added that now Imran Khan pressurized the state institutions to protect himself from accountability.