Imran’s time is over, new govt coming in 10 days: Murad Ali Shah


Chief Minister (CM) Sindh Murad Ali Shah has said Imran Khan time is over and next government is coming within 10 days as more than 172 members will support no confidence motion.

Pervaz Elahi’s Interview has come and situation will become clear as over 172 members will vote for no-confidence motion, he said this while talking to media men here Wednesday.

He added people are now hating Imran Khan and government.
Prime Minister(PM) is wasting time as the federal government has failed. We had talked to MQM on their demand and their demands came under consideration.
Bilawal said there nothing objectionable in MQM demands.
No-confidence motion will not be delayed than 28 March: he said
He said PDM participated in long march started from Karachi. Imran khan could not gather a million people, he added.
I do not know Khan hurt the people at whose behest, PM Imran khan is strange person. He does every thing from which they are forbidden. said Murad Ali Shah