Inflation is problem of poor people, Murree highway is problem of Shahbaz Sharif: sheikh Rashid


Former Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid has said Chinese has provided us aid at the behest of army and in the name of Shahbaz Sharif even Rs 100 are not given to us.

“ the major problem of the country is poltical instability. The throat strangling budget for poor is going on since the last 15 days, But IMF is still undecided. Only the breathing is left to be taxed, he said in a statement issued here Saturday.

“I support JI Train March agaisnt inflation, he announced. The inflaiton ratio has soared by 30 percent. Impostion of 10 percent super tax on the industries and fixed tax on 40000 shops is sheer injustice, he remarked.

The payment to political turn coats was made in dollars, he dixclosed.

Every one lays foundaiton stone in Gwadar but contrcutions are not allowed to be made, he observed.

The rate of shroud and grave has increased two folds, he added.

Inflation is problem of the poor people and on the other hand the problem of Shahbaz Sharif is Murree highway.