Inflation reaches 21-month high, Sherry


Pakistan People Party (PPP) Vice President Sherry Rehman said that year 2021 has been the most difficult year for the country and people in terms of inflation.
Sherry Rehman in her tweet on social networking site Twitter said that inflation has reached its highest level in 21 months.
According to Sherry Rehman, inflation has risen to 11.5 percent and is steadily rising while the prices of essential commodities have also gone up by 50 to 100 percent in 2021 due to the failed policies of the government.
Sherry Rehman wrote that in January 2021, the price of bread was Rs. 7 and now it is Rs.12, while the price of Naan has gone up from Rs. 12 to 20 rupees and the price of flour has also increased by more than 10% percent.
In a tweet, she added, “Rice has gone up from Rs 130 to Rs 200 per kg.”
Sherry Rehman wrote that the Prime Minister has done nothing but taken notic of inflation and if it continues like this, 2022 will be even bleaker than this year.