Interactive session focusing on economic, climate change held at Peshawar


PESHAWAR: An interactive session focused on women empowerment, climate change, economic opportunities and peace was held between the Youth of Afghanistan and Pakistan at IMSciences Peshawar. The session featuring a dialogue was organized by Culture, Literature, Arts and Development Organization (CLADO) and Pak Afghan Youth Peace Initiative forum. The participants identified the problems and presented solutions on individual level to combat climate crisis, enhance economic opportunities, foster peace and empower women in their communities. The organizers Shahab Ud Din, Noor Wali, Hamid Zahidi and Noor Ul Huda, Pakistani and Afghan students said that it’s the need of the hour for youth to take responsibility and take individual actions to bring change. Afghan student and participant of the dialogue shared that Youth is the future and the present and needs to take things in their hand. They are capable to bring about change, and the change would start with their individual efforts. Adding to that, Maryam Ali, Pakistani Student shared that real empowerment would come only if women are included in the decision making spheres and that will only be possible when women are included in political processes. Assistant coordinate Lincoln Corner and a Youth activist Zainab Shams gave concluding remarks that people to people connectivity is possible through dialogues and alliance between youth of Pakistan and Afghanistan. DLP Report