Islamabad admin disallows Imran’s Heli-landing


Islamabad administration on Friday refused to give permission for Imran Khan’s landing on the helicopter in the capital to lead the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) long march on Nov 26.
The administration has also issued a notification in which this is stated that Imran Khan’s helicopter cannot be allowed to land on the Parade Ground in Islamabad. The channel report said that the district administration has given conditional permission for the public meeting on November 26 at Parade Ground in Islamabad.
As per the condition mentioned in the notification, only the rallies coming from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) will be allowed to pass through Islamabad limits. The notification furthest said that any kind of rally and public gathering is prohibited within the limits of Islamabad and the PTI rallies will be allowed to pass on the proposed route only.
The Islamabad administration has also issued three routes for the PTI rallies including 1) from GT Road to Expressway to Old Airport Road to Rawla Road to Murree Road to Jalsa Area at Sixth Road,
2) from KP on Srinagar Highway or from M1 and M2 to Peshawar Road to IJP Road to Saidpur Road to Murree Road to Jalsa Area at Sixth Road, and 3) From Bharakahu to Rawal Chowk to Park Road to Taramri Chowk to Koral Interchange to Old Airport road to Rawal Road to Chandani Chowk to Murree Road to Jalsa Area at Sixth Road.