Islamabad demands 10,000 policemen from Punjab


PTI long march threat
Islamabad Police has asked the IG Punjab for a force of 10,000 policemen to deal with the possible long march of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) in the upcoming days.
The IG Punjab’s decision to provide a force to Islamabad will determine his sympathies with the Federation or the provincial government. The police sources said that the Punjab Police currently has around 10,000 additional personnel while there are more than additional 25,000 personnel in the constabulary.
The sources said that more than 15,000 personnel are deployed across Punjab along with emergency and VVIPs. The police sources said additional reserves have also been deployed for cricket matches, 28 Safar processions and the security of the American ambassador in Lahore.
While 12,000 personnel have also been asked for local body elections in Azad Kashmir, the police sources said adding that the file of the demand of the personnel has reached the table of the IG Punjab.
The police sources also said that the IG Punjab will decide whether to send personnel or not with the government consultation. =DNA