Islamabad International Airport Holds Safe Drive and FOD Walk


ISLAMABAD: “Safe Drive and FOD Walk” held by the Airport Management aimed to educate and create awareness among GHA/Airlines/Airside staff about safety risks associated with hazards like Foreign Object Debris (FODs) and overspeeding at Apron/ associated areas. Apron safety rules and industry best practices were shared with the participants to promote safe and just culture on airside. Station Managers of airlines, General Managers of GHA’s and their staff along with Airport Management Team took part in the walk. The activity started with apron FOD walk lasting more than an hour and ended with a safety awareness session at Airside office. COO/APM IIAP led the walk highlighting the mportance of safe driving and removal of FODs from apron. Also, how FODs pose serious threat to safe flight operations and cause losses worth billions annually to aviation industry was explained with examples. COO/APM discussed different apron safety rules and emphasised upon effective implementation of these rules and best practices to ensure safe driving and apron operations. The walk ended with a note of thanks to all the participants. DNA