KP Election Commission for awareness regarding postal ballot facility


PESHAWAR, Sep 19 : Provincial Election Commission Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to formulate a strategy to run a special awareness campaign regarding the facility of postal ballot paper in the upcoming general elections for registered persons with disabilities in collaboration with the member’s organization of the Gender and Disability Electoral Working Group.
It was decided by the Gender and Disability Working Group, said the spokesman for Provincial Election Commissioner Sohail Ahmed on Tuesday. Spokesman Sohail Ahmed, Assistant Director GSI Syed Aun Ahmed Naqvi, Assistant Director NADRA Shahid Ali, Pakistan Women’s Zahid and Ibrahim, Arshad Peyman, Hamid Ali PEDO, Abid Khan URDO, Farid Gul, and Zafar Ali Shah participated.
The meeting was told that persons with disabilities are not aware of the facility of postal ballot paper and they face difficulties regarding the procedure of filling and submitting the relevant forms.
NADRA has also started a window operation service for persons with disabilities, so for the awareness of this section, NADRA, Department of Social Welfare Pak women, a special awareness campaign will be conducted with the support of PEDO and Peyman.
In the first phase, focal persons from each district will be trained, who will then educate the disabled about these facilities.
The meeting was further informed that efforts are being made to make all polling stations accessible. So that people can easily go to the polling stations to exercise their right to vote, which is likely to increase the turnout in the elections.