KPCW going all out to provide justice to destitute women, Dr Riffat


Young women lawyers are key to future legal system and gender equality, says Rubina Naz advocate (staff reporter). Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Commission on the Status of Women (KPCSW) organized “Justice for Women moot to review the over all justice for women section of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Women Empowerment policy 2017. lawyers from the District and High Court Bars Associations Peshawar participated in the meeting under the leadership of Rubina Naz advocate.
Dr. Riffat Sardar Chairperson KPCSW formally welcomed the guests of the event and highlighted the role and functions of KP CSW. She explained in detail, the current activities, the future plans, and the success stories of KP CSW.Rubina Naaz Advocate, a member of NCSW, defined the role of NCSW and the relationship between NCSW and KP CSW and their respective mandates.
Saad Ullah Shah Advocate, Vice President High Court Bar Association stressed that the Government departments should encourage and provide legal advisership to young women lawyers to enhance their role and representation in the present system.
Saad Ullah Marwat a senior Advocate of the High Court said that the structural facilities should be provided not only to the women lawyers but also the women litigants as well in the premises of the courts.
Ajmal Khan advocate, while discussing the issues of the young women lawyers suggested that they should provide safe and secure access to the courts and their respective chambers.
The young lawyers stressed that there should be capacity-building programs for young lawyers through the judicial academy, which would further enhance their skills and knowledge.
They further suggested one window operation for women litigants in the courts of law.
All the participants appreciated the role of KP CSW especially the honest efforts of the Chairperson for the justice of women and assured their full support and cooperation to work with KPCSW to strengthen the legal system to eliminate all forms of discrimination and violence against women and girls and also to ensure equitable laws and policies along with the presence of an affordable legal system.