KP’s health dept launches dengue control initiatives


Secretary health lauds efforts, orders tangible actions dengue control actions
In efforts to combat dengue and malaria borne diseases across the province, the provincial health department launched awareness and entomological surveillance initiatives, said a handout.
According to the latest Dengue Statistics for 2023, a total of 26 positive dengue cases have been reported in eight districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. As per details, ten cases of dengue reported from Mardan , five from Peshawar, four from Bajaur, two each cases were reported from Chitral Lower and D. I. Khan and one each case reported from Lakki Marwat, Khyber, and Kohat.
The surveillance activities encompass inspections of households and containers, resulting in a total of 1,856,649 households being inspected, out of which 514 households tested positive. Furthermore, 6,006,789 containers were inspected, and 837 samples were found to be positive for dengue.
Outside areas were also inspected, with 321,762 inspections conducted, leading to the detection of 245 positive samples.
In order to raise public awareness, a series of sessions were organized, attracting a participation of 53,208 males and 1,570,699 females. Additionally, 744 walks were arranged, and educational materials, including pamphlets, were distributed to disseminate information about disease prevention. The campaign also incorporated an interactive question-and-answer session to address participants’ inquiries.
Secretary Mehmood Aslam commended the efforts of the surveillance teams across the province, emphasizing the significance of monitoring and taking tangible action. He reiterated the commitment to creating awareness and protecting the people from various diseases. Regular meetings are held to develop and implement effective plans. Secretary Aslam urged the public to cooperate with health teams and adhere to the instructions provided by health experts.
Secretary Aslam stated that these collaborative efforts among government agencies, health officials, and community members exemplify a proactive approach to combating diseases and safeguarding the well-being of the people in KP. He further announced that these activities will continue across the province until the dengue disease is effectively controlled.