Malaria, Gastro take 10 more lives in flood-hit Sindh


Three more youngsters succumbed to gastroenteritis and Malaria on Wednesday in Sindh’s flood-affected village Khairpur Nathan Shah, media reports said.
Two people passed away from gastroenteritis, two from pyrexia of undetermined origin (PUO), which is characterised by a fever and a longer-than-three-week sickness, and one each from myocardial infarction and cardiopulmonary arrest, according to the provincial health department.
Numerous people have been forced to flee their homes due to floods in Sindh, where mountainous torrents from Balochistan and floodwaters descending from the country’s north have combined to cause a health disaster.
Arbaili, age 14, Awais, age 10, and Sakina, age 5, were all killed; they were all members of the same family.
Moving scenes were seen when children’s remains were transported to cemeteries for burial.