Mardan residents irked with city’s traffic management


Mardan locals have showed their displeasure over the traffic management system in the city due to disregard for the rule of law.
Talking to Online here Thursday, large number of city residents, customers and visitors, including women said all the roads in the city, including Bank Road, Malakand Road, Charsadda Chowk, Shaheedano Bazaar, Dwa Saro chowk , Hoti Chowk and Baghdada Chowk, jammed most of the time due to lack of planning and violation of traffic rules.
Farid Khan, a resident of Mardan city, said the traffic remained jammed at Charsadda chowk and Dwa Saro chowk due to the mismanagement of traffic police.
He pointed out that the adjacent Dwa Saro road, on which the Fazl-e-Haq college, Girls Cadet College and other several education institutions are located and majority of these institutions have no parking place, is jam-packed in the business hours.
“Traffic cops implement changes on ad-hoc basis to streamline traffic flow, but they don’t maintain the changes to reduce hardships of the masses,” Farid said.
Similarly, the residents of Mardan’s Shamsi road area pointed out that the adjacent Shamsi Road, on which the District Headquarters Hospital and a large number of the doctors’ clinics and pharmacy shops are located, is jam-packed in the business hours. They said the patients and their attendants have been facing a lot of hardships as the Shamsi Road was often blocked due to wrong parking and encroachments of the shopkeepers.