Martyrdom And Politics


Ali Anwar

During the general elections, while some parties are celebrating, others are lamenting. However, it is extremely important to consider during this time that the successful conduct of general elections owes greatly to the efforts of the Pakistan Armed Forces and other institutions.
The Ministry of Interior in Pakistan has released a report stating that the conduct of elections has been a great success, which the nation should take pride in. The credit for this peaceful conduct goes to the Pakistan Armed Forces, security agencies, and other institutions, which ensured successful elections despite incidents of terrorism on polling day.
According to the Ministry, terrorist organizations attempted to disrupt the electoral process, and despite 61 incidents of terrorism across the country on election day, resulting in 16 fatalities and 54 injuries, the implementing agencies had formulated security plans.
All security measures were taken in the interest of public safety and protection. Instead of criticism, the Election Commission deserves praise and commendation. Regarding the delay in announcing election results, it’s not a significant issue. Let me cite the example of Indonesia, where elections were held approximately six days after Pakistan, and according to reports, the official results will be announced on 20 March 2024. Therefore, some parties should not cast doubts on the entire election process just because of a one-day delay in election results.
Election results cannot be immediately provided, and all parties are aware of this fact. Therefore, political parties should adopt a stance keeping Pakistan’s interests in mind, and they should refrain from actions that raise questions about Pakistan’s integrity and jeopardize its security.
It is Pakistan’s armed forces and Pakistan’s millions of soldiers who are ensuring the participation of the people in peaceful elections. They are deployed on border duties along with cities and villages to ensure that election day passes peacefully and to prevent any actions by our enemy countries that could disrupt the conduct of elections.
Now, the Ministry of Interior has confirmed that our sixteen young men have been martyred, and all these martyrs have fallen victim to terrorism. To date, it is evident that the soldiers and officers of the Pakistan Army have made unparalleled sacrifices for the defence of the homeland, whether in combat, internal security operations, or election duties.
They have never complained about why they have to perform election duties. And if we look at it constitutionally, it’s not even their responsibility primarily; it’s fundamentally the responsibility of our internal agencies and institutions, including the police and the FC, to ensure security on election day.
Some people criticize the army on one hand, and when election day arrives or on any such occasion, our brave youth are the ones who are called upon, and sacrifices are made for their loyalty and love for the country. They have always served the country’s love without any ulterior motive, and it is forgotten that they are the very soldiers of our Pakistan Army who are ensuring internal security along with the country’s borders.
They have never demanded anything from our politicians in return, nor have they ever demanded any special reward in exchange for their duties. The commitment of our youth is the guarantee of Pakistan’s security, that they are always ready to sacrifice their lives for the country’s sake, and our enemies are also afraid that the soldiers of the Pakistan Army are always ready to sacrifice themselves for the sake of the country and martyrdom.
The chief of our armed forces, General Syed Hafiz Asim Munir, had already stated before the elections that they would act upon the constitutional responsibilities entrusted to them. Now it is the responsibility of political parties to demonstrate unity, maintain a spirit of cooperation with each other, and refrain from attitudes that consider rival politicians or political parties as enemies of the state.
Politics is always a mix of some positives and negatives, so it is the duty of politicians that if they have to sacrifice their ego for the sake of the country, they should do so, and they should cooperate to solve national issues instead of considering rival politicians or parties as enemies of the state, denying dialogue with them, or harbouring hatred towards them.
Such attitudes are not beneficial for the country. Politics is always about give and take. Therefore, politicians have to sacrifice their egos for the sake of the country. If the spirit of serving the country, which an ordinary soldier holds, is adopted by our politicians, then certainly Pakistan can move towards prosperity.
The writer is an old Aitchisonian who believes in freedom of expression, a freelance columnist, entrepreneur and social activist.