Mayor-Peshawar presents Rs Rs4.4bn Metropolitan budget for 2022-23


Mayor Haji Zubair Ali on Friday unveiled the Rs4.4 billion budget of Peshawar Metropolitan Government for the year 2022-23.
Presenting the budget, Mayor Peshawar said that allocation made in the budget would extend the era of new development.
“Despite financial crunches, no new tax has been imposed on the people of Peshawar,” he added.
Zubail Ali said that the budget of the current financial year has been prepared with mutual consultation, hard work, guidance and the support of all the members of the council.
Adequate resources have been allocated for a comprehensive and feasible planning and steps would be ensured to provide major relief to masses, he claimed.
“This budget is not a document limited to the statement of income and expenditure of the current financial year, but it is a comprehensive strategy to ensure the bright future of the people,” he said.
As per the budget, around Rs60 million were allocated for community development, Rs6 million each were reserved for annual maintenance Eastern and Western Zone.
The budget shows Rs6 million allocation for supply and repair of street lights in the Eastern Zone. similarly, Rs20 million to be utilized for the same purpose in the Western Zone.
The metropolitan government has decided to spend Rs30 millions on placing water-coolers in public areas, Rs 5 million on repairing transformers, Rs2o million on sports and Rs3 million on Fakhar Peshawar scheme in the council budget.
Rs3 million were reserved in the budget for natural disasters such as Coronavirus and Dengue, Rs7.5 million for municipal services machinery.
Rs28.53 million assets for raising revenue, R50 million to be spent on public parks and waiting areas, 11 crore 41 lakh rupees to be spent on the construction of toilets in public places.
11 crore 41 lakh rupees have been allocated for water supply and sanitation related services while 91 crore 85 lakh rupees would be given for other developmental projects.
In the financial year 2022-23 estimated total income/volume of the budget including initial budget is R4.4 billion.
Mr Zubair Ali said that the council in its first budget allocated Rs440 million for maps and other expenditures and Rs40 million have been reserved for the college and school sector of the provincial capital.
In the budget allocation, Rs7.7 millions have been made for slaughterhouses and Rs30 million to be made available for advertisement, while Rs830 millions to be spent on car-parking facilities in the city.