Mohini’s musical musings motivate and infuse positivity to fight killer Corona



New Delhi : Did you remember the last scene from the 1997 blockbuster movie ‘Titanic’, where the string quartet carried on playing the heart-wrenching hymn ‘‘Nearer, My God, to Thee’’ as the ship sinks? Titanic tale of violin playing as the ship went down was the ultimate symbol of courage in the face of disaster. Very similar to the situation now-a-days, when killer Corona is gobbling millions of lives and there’s a nip in the bud with ‘feeling-low’ moods almost everywhere, Mohini’s musical musings are motivating and infusing positivity among people to fight the dreaded disease.

With her electrifying performances Mohini Krishna, a well-known violin player is providing mental succour to youngsters and older ones too. For her music not only unites people but uplifts spirit in the face of death. She is just 25 and she is doing what many of her contemporaries can only think of. Thanks to her vivacious violin. The mesmerizing effect of her magical music is giving a sense of feeling as if ‘‘the body is like a harp, and her words and gestures are like fingers running upon the wires’’.

While Covid-19 is spreading its tentacles across the globe, music has come up as a powerful instrument to create awareness about the disease and motivate people by infusing positivity among them to fight against this deadly pandemic. With the motto – Music, Motivation and Masti – Mohini, a young violinist from Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh is using music as a tool to motivate people and help them overcome the gloomy atmosphere.

‘‘Online programmes are being organized by several organizations in a manner, that besides entertaining, it educate youngsters about certain do’s and don’ts required to fight killer Corona and emerge victoriously. Music not only unites people, but it uplifts spirit in the face of death and disaster as the entire world is grappling with a killer pandemic’’, said Mohini, who has carved a niche for herself in Bollywood, in an exclusive interview with DAILY LEAD PAKISTAN.

‘‘I always try to mesmerize them with my performance. I present a medley of songs to strike an emotional chord with them. Besides popular numbers, I play motivational songs to further boost their morale and prepare them for a long battle against Covid-19. Despite so many stumbling blocks and difficulties, life has to flow like the Ganges to reach its destination,’’ she added.

To a question to allay apprehensions, Mohini responded, ‘‘Look, people are feeling depressed and gloomy because of the uncertainty of this disease and staying indoors for long. I thought let me cheer them up and uplift their spirits. These months haven’t been easy for anyone, including these me and kids. But using music to convey the message can truly help lighten the mood. Through my musical performance I try to restore smile on their faces by giving a fillip to their sagging spirit.’’

She has so far enthralled audiences with her scintillating performances in several countries including Singapore, Dubai, Bangkok, Thailand, Doha. Armed with a degree – Masters in Music Instrument (Violin) from ‘‘Prayag Sangeet Samiti, Allahabad’’, Mohini has also performed in various national events like Chandauli Mahotsav, Subah-E-Banaras, Saras Mela and Ganga Mahotsav.