Muneer political shift not aligned with party policy


Muneer Khan’s decision to join mainstream politics has nothing to do with the policy of the National Front and its leader, said Jammu and Kashmir National Front (JKNF) spokesman.
In a statement, the Front spokesperson Muhammad Haseeb Wani clarified that Muneer Khan was never affiliated with the party.
Wani emphasized that Khan’s choice to enter mainstream politics is entirely his own and is unrelated to the political ideology advocated by the imprisoned party chairman, Nayeem Ahmed Khan, who Wani noted has been a staunch advocate for the right to self-determination of Kashmiris.
“During his lifelong struggle Nayeem Ahmed Khan didn’t budge from his principled stance on the issue of Kashmir”, he said, adding that Khan followed the diktats of none but his conscience.
The Front spokesperson, in discussing the challenging conditions in the restive region, remarked that it’s common knowledge about the various negotiations and activities occurring in Kashmir nowadays.
He said that the Indian media, which is in the habit of making a mountain out of molehill, has been trying to portray Munir Khan’s decision as a big deal but it was like raising a storm in the teapot.
He said that rather than trying to create a storm in the teacup Indian media should take some time to find out what happened to people who joined mainstream politics in the recent past.
“Those who were used by New Delhi as pawns on its chessboard of power and politics in Kashmir have been consigned to the dustbin of history”, he said, adding that the people of Kashmir have rejected them in the past and they will meet the same fate in future as well.