National voters’ day observes in Khyber


In order to encourage citizens to take part in the upcoming election, national voters’ days were commemorated in Bara,district Khyber on Thursday.
In this a connection under the auspices of district election commission, a gathering was organized in Afridi model school and college that was attended by deputy district education officer,Misrey Khan as chief guest, election commissioner, Khyber Shaid Ali, assistant district officer Mushrref Khan, score of teachers, students and members of the civil society.
Addressing the occasion, the chief guest highlighted the importance of the vote and said it was a power in the hand of the layman to elect his / her representative to run functions of the government.
Vote is a national deposit that must be utilized with responsibility, he added and said the job of voters is much more important than the election commission to elect honest leadership.
District election commissioner, Shahid Ali said that the core purpose of observing the day was to underline significance of the vote among the masses aimed to enhance turnout in the upcoming general election.
He maintained that all arrangements had been finalized and scheduled for the election to be announced in a few days.
He urged the voters (male, female) to cast their votes and elect their best choice, keeping in view the future of their generation.
Earlier, students of the institutions presented tableos, drama sketches, national songs and speeches that amused the audience.
At the end appreciated certificates were given away to the best perfumers.