Nawaz Sharif is not coming for election campaign but for election movement, Javed Latif


political move
Federal Minister Mian Javed Latif has said, Nawaz Sharif is not coming for election campaign but for election movement.
No commission will be made on whatsapp in the presence of Qazi Faez Isa.
People involved in the events of 9th and 10th cannot be exempted.
PTI workers were brainwashed.
Miscreants have targeted the state institutions on 9th May.
The planning of Imran Khan has failed badly.
Nawaz Sharif had installed plants of electricity in his tenure and eradicated the load shedding of electricity.
People still hope Nawaz Sharif will come and steer the country out of darkness.
Nawaz Sharif had given the CPEC to Pakistan but unfortunately PTI government had stopped this program.
What treatment was meted out to the man who brought CPEC was witnessed by the entire nation.
A fifteen-year-old child does not know that CPEC was a game changer. There was unemployment and instability in 2013 Nawaz Sharif had finished the unemployment.
Nawaz Sharif had brought inflation down to 4% during his tenure and established industry in the country.
He has said that PML-N will succeed in Sindh election.
Nawaz Sharif is expected to take the country out of this vortex. People gave 2/3rd majority to Nawaz Sharif and made the country invincible.