Netherlands Embassy hosts reception to celebrate a visit of a Dutch Hockey Team

Dutch Ambassador Henny de Vries, Chairman of HEC Dr Mukhtar Ahmed, Pakistan's former hockey greats Shehbaz Senior and Khawaja Junaid with the Pakistani and the Dutch hockey teams players at a reception organized at the Dutch ambassador's residence.

The Ambassador of Netherlands in Islamabad, hosted a reception to honor the Dutch hockey team, highlighting the vital role of sports diplomacy in fostering international relations and building bridges between nations.
This historic visit has significant cultural and sporting importance as the team hailing from Oldenzaal in the Netherlands becomes the first hockey team to visit and compete against a Pakistani team in over 22 years.
Commenting on the occasion, Ambassador Henny de Vries said “Hockey holds a special place in the hearts of both the Dutch and Pakistani people, and it this week is a testament to the power of sports in bridging cultures and fostering understanding.
The matches played in Lahore, and the upcoming match in Islamabad, have not only showcased the skill and ability of our athletes but have also provided an opportunity for cultural exchange and mutual appreciation.” The Ambassador expressed her gratitude to Khawaja Junaid Hockey Academy for extending the invitation to the club and to the Higher Education Commission (HEC) for their invaluable support.
The presence of such influential voices from the media, sports, and diplomatic community underscored the collective commitment to leveraging sports as a vehicle for strengthening international relations. Through initiatives such as these, the Dutch Ambassador emphasized the willingness to continue leveraging the power of sports to foster mutual understanding and friendship between the Netherlands and Pakistan.
The event was attended by esteemed guests, including media representatives, sports personalities, diplomats, and other stakeholders committed to promoting sports and international cooperation.
The Pakistan and Netherlands teams have each claimed a victory, setting the stage for an exciting match tomorrow that will determine the ultimate winner. With one win for each team, the upcoming match will serve as the decider, leaving fans eagerly anticipating the outcome. It’s a thrilling situation as both teams showcase their talent and determination, and tomorrow’s match promises to be a gripping showdown to see who emerges as the overall winner.
The Dutch hockey team enjoyed a comprehensive program in Lahore, including matches, training, cultural excursions, and visits to sports manufacturers.
Additionally, the team had the honor of attending a Pakistan Super League cricket match. The Kawaja Junaid Hockey Academy is an Academy that works with over 400 under privileged youth in Pakistan, a lot of whom are orphans.
Through hockey these youth are able to access education and opportunities in Pakistan. Together with the Khawaja Junaid Hockey Academy the Dutch hockey team has also conducted a few clinics, sharing their expertise, and engaging with local young players and hockey enthusiasts.