Pakistan Academy of Sciences and US Academy of Sciences Jointly organized Workshop


Islamabad(PR):Pakistan Academy of Sciences and US National Academy of Sciences are jointly organizing a Workshop on “Strengthening and Sustaining a Network of Public and Animal Health Clinical Laboratories in Pakistan”on 27 to 29 September, 2016 in Islamabad.
The Workshop was inaugurated this morning by Engr. Baligh Ur Rehman, Federal Minister of State for Education and Professional Training. Leading experts from Pakistan and USA are resource persons.
The Workshop will deliberate upon issues and challenges related to clinical laboratories in Pakistan with respect to communicable diseases, with special focus on zoonotic diseases which aretransmitted from animals to humans. Strategies for strengthening and networking of human and animal clinical laboratories will also be discussed.
The Workshop participants include human and animal health experts, academicians, researchers, scientists, lab technicians, and university students in fields of Agriculture, Biosafety, Life Sciences, Medical sciences and Microbiology.Engr. Baligh Ur Rehman appreciated the Pakistan Academy of Sciences and US National Academy of Sciences for organizing thisscientific event on an importantnational issue concerning human and animal health.
He stated that a vast majority of our rural population remains in close proximity with animals, and hence are prone to the incidence of zoonotic diseases. He cited the recent emergence of Congo virus as a salient example. He felt glad that agenda of the Workshop covers a wide range of important topics relating to safety and security of the clinical labs – both for humans and animals.
The Ministerhoped that the Workshop will help in arriving ata workable strategy to improve functioning of clinical labs in the country.
President of Pakistan Academy of Sciences, Dr. Anwar Nasim, stated that human health is one of the most valuable assets of a country or a society. He thanked the US National Academy of Sciences for generously supporting this joint Workshop.
In his remarks, Dr. David Franz fromUS National Academy of Sciences said that infectious diseases are a particular challenge globally and thus immediate goal of thisWorkshop is to identify the most efficient and cost-effective means of managing patient information from thousands of clinical laboratories throughout Pakistan particularly the ones located in remote areas.
He said that our goal is to contribute to the control of infectious human and animal diseases and support disease surveillance and health security globally.Prof. Zabta K. Shinwari, Secretary General of Pakistan Academy of Sciences thanked the US National Academy of Sciences, the eminent resource persons and participants of the Workshop from throughout the country.
Highlighting the healthcare issues of the country, Dr. Aamer Ikram, President of Pakistan Biological Safety Association emphasized for the need of exploring national and international opportunities for integration of laboratory services and maintenance of clinical information.