Pakistan role in SCO


Shanghai Cooperation Organization is one of the largest organisations in the world, comprising more than forty percent of the world population and having the world GDP. It also includes the two most important world leading countries China and Russia. Motive of organization to call up this meeting is to highlight climate change, economic, regional as well as international cooperation within and outside the SCO region.
On the sidelines of SCO Heads of Council summit, meeting between Prime Minister Shehbaz and his Russian President Putin is highly favorable to support Pakistan’s significant role in providing trade and economic integration to the SCO member states, which will usher in a new era of economic connectivity of the region. He said pipelines from Russia will compensate Pakistan as well as the regional countries. SCO summit will open further new ventures in the trade market for Pakistan in all the countries from Central Asia, South Asia included in the SCO region.
There are two important things to be understood firstly the scale of SCO organization and secondly is the role of SCO itself. When we talk about SCO, it has few regional countries in the organization. But, the population in these countries is equal to half of the world population. Trade connectivity among these countries can boost economic cooperation in the region as well as globally. The inclusion of Pakistan in this organization is fortunate for us and we should be benefitted from it as much as we can. The humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan will also be a matter of discussion. The importance of this forum can’t be ignored as these meetings should’ve happened to discuss these important matters of interest. Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif led delegation should raise India related issues on this forum, so that these world powers can pressurize India to come forward for a consensus. There is nothing more important for us beside the Kashmir issue and regional peace.
Pakistan long for and diligently worked to become a permanent member of Shanghai Cooperation Organization. The meetings of PM Shehbaz among various countries’ leaders are fortunate for us, especially Russia. The route covering more than half of Eurasia is the biggest energy and trade cooperation corridor. The network of gas lines could be extended in the region as well as develop a railway network will improve tourism sector.
This is a historic visit of Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif in this forum and definitely it will be very favorable for Pakistan. As, in this devastating time of flash floods we are in dire need of humanitarian assistance. This is the right time to be benefitted from these world powers as they are already willing to help to whatever extent.
On the other hand, the Foreign Minister Bilawal is also working on the sidelines of promoting the foreign cooperation. The SCO belt has the potential to boost trade and economic activities in the region.