Pakistan rubbishes US bases report


Pakistan has categorically rejected report suggesting that it gave drone bases to the United States of America, rubbishing the news as far from the facts, sources said on Wednesday.
“There was no truth in the news regarding Pakistan’s willingness to host US bases from where the latter could gather intelligence on neighbouring country Afghanistan after the completion of withdrawal of its forces on September 11 this year”, sources further said.
The sources said during CIA chief William Burns’ visit to Pakistan, the latter made it clear to the US intelligence chief that there was no question of Pakistan’s allowing the US to use its bases for reconnaissance purposes on other countries.
Pakistan will not allow another country’s military to operate from its soil, the sources added.
The sources said that Prime Minister Imran Khan has been informed during his recent visit to the ISI headquarters about the decision. They said the decision not to host US bases in Pakistan was taken after consultation.
The sources further said that Pakistan was optimistic to play its part in the durable peace in Afghanistan.