Pakistan wins 65 War due to national unity, heroic battlefield performances of armed forces: Brigadier Mahmood Shah


Senior defence analyst and former Secretary Security ex Fata, Brigadier (Retd), Mahmood Shah said here Tuesday that Pakistan has won the 1965 War due to national unity and heroic battlefield performance of the armed forces of the country.
He said 6th September was being celebrated as defence day of Pakistan every year with national enthusiasm as on this day in 1965, India had attacked Pakistan in darkness, which was repulsed by our valiant armed forces with support of the nation.
He said 6th September reminds us of the matchless sacrifices rendered by our armed forces and unprecedented unity demonstrated by the nation that repulsed the enemy attack and safeguarded the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the homeland.
Talking to media, he said the whole nation along with their valiant military forces stood up when India attacked Pakistan in darkness on September 6, 1965 without a warning or a declaration of war.
He said India’s attack was a complete violation of UN charter, all international laws, conventions and bilateral peace agreements.
The eyewitness brigadier recalled that the enemy had launched attacks on West Pakistan on a wide front, from Sialkot, Lahore to Kasur aimed at to disperse Pakistani forces to achieve its nefarious objectives. But India has completly failed to achieve its aims.
He said although we were outnumbered by the Indian forces that comprises armored, artillery and infantry divisions backed by IAF, yet Pakistani forces have successfully repulsed all attacks of the India ground forces with unprecedented chivalry and indomitable courage.
Brigadier Mahmood Shah said the invaders appeared to have been under the impression that they would not meet much opposition in securing their nefarious objectives including occupation of the historic city of Lahore.
He said the confident promise, which an Indian general made to his officers that he would meet them at Lahore Gymkhana Club, has not been thwarted by Pakistan armed forces.
Major Raja Aziz Bhatti Shaheed (Nishan-i-Haider) had fought like a lion and sucessfully defended the strategic BRB canal near Lahore for five days before he embraced shahadat after hit by an enemy tank shell on 10th September 1965.
Brig Mahmood Shah said officers and Jawans of Pakistan Army, Pakistan Nevy, Pakistan Air Force besides our artillary had fought bravely and broken the back of enemy in 1965 War.
He recalled that most of enemy officers of 1965 war had served with Pakistani commanders during the second World War II before partition and we knew about their so called fighting abilities and wars skills that helped our forces to foil their evil designs in 65 War.
During 65 War, Pakistan had occupied about 1,617 square miles of Indian territory and we were in strong position to occupy Dehli if war continued for few more days as moral of enemy troops were completely shattered after repeated defeats on all fronts, he recalled.
Squadron Leader Muhammad Mahmood Alam shot down two enemy hunter aircrafts and damaged three others on 6th September and destroyed five more enemy hunter aircrafts in less than a minute on 7th September, which was unprecedented in the history of Pakistan Air Force.
Brigadier Mahmood Shah said the motivational songs of the legandry Madam Noor Jehan such as “A Watan ke Sajelay Jawano and Rang Laye Ga Shaheedo ka Laho” aired by Radio Pakistan had infused the spirit of patriotism and national fervor amongst Pakistanis regardless to their ethnicity, religion, caste, colour or political affiliation during 65 War.
He said the shooting down of two Indian warplanes inside LOC one fell in Azad Kashmir and other in Indian Illegally Occupied Jummu and Kashmir besides capturing of an Indian Pilot on February 27, 2019 has proved the high-level of preparedness, professionalism and strength of PAF. He said the unity exhibited by the nation after Indian air strike on Balakot in February last year was the same like that of the 65 War.
He said the Feburary 27, 2019 sucessfull action of PAF has clearly testified that Pakistan armed forces were fully capable to give a befitting response to India, in case of any misadventure by it in the future.