Parvez Elahi says Punjab government committed illegal act


Parallel PA session
Speaker Punjab Assembly Parvez Elahi on Sunday said that the Punjab government has committed an illegal act after summoning a parallel session during the ongoing session of the assembly.
During his meeting with former governor Omar Sarfraz Cheema, Elahi said that only the speaker has the authority to prorogue a session which was summoned by him. “No one has the authority to prorogue the session summoned by the speaker,” he said.
He lamented that those who raised slogans of ‘vote ko izzat do’ have hurt the supremacy of the Punjab Assembly as they tried to make it subservient to the orders of the governor Punjab.
“There is no legal and constitutional standing for summoning the Punjab Assembly at any other place and forcing the secretariat staff to attend it,” Parvez Elahi said.
He added that deputy speaker has no right to summon the session of the Punjab Assembly and secretary has the authority under rules to release orders regarding calling and proroguing the house.
Speaking on the matter, the former governor said that the assembly has also nullified the orders from the governor to restrict powers of the speaker. “The assembly has passed a resolution to nullify the ordinance,” Omar Sarfraz Cheema said.