PDMA prepares winter contingency plan to cope natural hazards


The Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA) under the guidance of Relief, Rehabilitation and Settlement Department Khyber Pakhtunkhwa on Wednesday formulated the Winter Contingency Plan for 2023-24 in order to cope with various natural hazards which the province may face during the winter season.
The plan encompasses strategies to manage hazards such as extreme low temperatures, smog, snowfall, rainfall, landslides, flash floods, and seismic activities in the mountainous north and west.
Muhammad Qaisar Khan, the Director General PDMA, stated that the Winter Contingency Plan 2023-24 was initiated in October 2023, involving key stakeholders such as the Federal Government, Provincial Line Departments, District Administration, UNDP GLOF-II, and other development partners.
Digital tools for data collection were developed and shared, including information of district and sector-specific hazards, vulnerability profiles, hazard impacts, damages, compensation details, resource mapping, need assessment, and coordination efforts. The Winter Contingency Plan 2023-24 offers a comprehensive overview of the winter hazard profiles for each district in the province.
It includes details on the Composite Risk Score for every district based on various hazards and outlines corresponding risks, along with an estimation of the vulnerable population in case of emergencies.
The plan further guides districts in mapping vulnerable sites and developing contingency plans, identifying roles and responsibilities of various departments to ensure a coordinated response to unfavorable scenarios.
The province faces several winter hazards. Each hazard presents unique challenges, such as disruptions in daily life, road closures, building collapses, landslides, and shortages of supplies commodities.
The document outlines resources, estimated caseloads, and the clear roles and responsibilities of different departments for managing emergency situations during the winter season.
The primary objective of the Winter Contingency Plan 2023-24 is to achieve a unified response aimed at minimizing the impacts of various winter hazards on the population.
Muhammad Qaisar Khan emphasized that the contingency planning for major hazards facilitates the initiation of mitigation measures and ensures a coordinated response to minimize loss of life and property during disasters.
The Winter Contingency Plan 2023-24 is a stakeholder-inclusive exercise that evaluates existing plans, resources, and hazards, providing a comprehensive strategy to mitigate the impacts of winter hazards in the upcoming season.