People voiced their will: President


Says true mandate essential to come out of severe financial crunch, make difficult decisions, heal past’s bitterness
President Dr Arif Alvi on Sunday congratulated people on taking part in the voting process during the general elections.
In a statement on X, he said he must congratulate the people of Pakistan, especially the women for coming out in huge numbers and strengthening democracy.
“The youth deserve a special mention, and I praise them for having decided to take charge of the country by participating peacefully in the voting process. They have put their faith in democracy. This belief is very precious, it will write history and must be recognised,” he added.
The president pointed out that a true mandate was essential to come out of the severe financial crunch, to make difficult decisions, to repair, and heal the bitterness of the past. “We must celebrate this effervescent new focus and show it to the outside world.”
“My confidence in our brilliant future has been strengthened as the people have not only spoken but have shouted out their will.”
“Nothing can crystallise unless this huge mandate of my citizens is respected and recognised.
Politicians, their parties, and our institutions must embrace this God-sent opportunity. Allah is definitely very gracious to Pakistan. Come rise my people, unite, put everything together, repair and build. The world awaits you,” he concluded.