Person who has been convicted by SC was invited as chief guest in Asma Jahangir conference: PM


Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan while taking exception to inviting PML- N Quaid Nawaz Sharif to Asma Jahangir Conference has said a person who was convicted by the Supreme Court (SC) was invited in the seminar as chief guest.

“ a coward and selfish person can not become leader of the country. When no one considers corruption as evil then society can not run. Leader does not do so that he appoints his relatives on key posts. There should be system of merit in the country”, he said this while addressing Al-Qadir university in Jhelum.

The PM held the court awarded punishment to Nawaz Sharif for causing loss to the national kitty and devouring national wealth. Nawaz Sharif has fled abroad in connection with his treatment. Change has come after 1985.

He went on to say “ I am not giving any political statement . if you don’t consider corruption an evil then who will work hard in this country.

Our education system has become a major impediment on the way of our development. On one side there IS Urdu medium and on the other side there is English medium which has developed in colonial ear. There is another education system in Deeni madaris.

Imran Khan stressed reviving the culture of glorious Muslim era where religion and science did not come into conflict, and that also emphasized on the ‘Ijtehad’ (reasoning) to find solutions to the emerging challenges.
The prime minister said a strong faith and moral character was a blessing of the Almighty that guided a person to choose the righteous path.
To any future incident of blasphemy against the Prophet (PBUH) committed in the world, he said he would encourage the nation to rather demonstrate an “intellectual and reasoned response”.
He regretted that calling someone Kaafir (infidel) on difference of opinion on religious beliefs was a dangerous trend that needed to be shunned through intellectual debates.
He mentioned that Iqbal’s concept of ‘Shaheen’ (falcon) related to a determined nation with the courage to break the shackles of mental slavery to attain progress.
Imran said Pakistan came into being in the name of Islam and stressed that without following the Seerat of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him), real prosperity could not be achieved.
He, however, pointed out that the majority of the Pakistani nation, despite being staunch Muslims, had still not instilled the teachings of the Prophet (PBUH) in their practical lives.
Imran Khan said all Sufi saints of the sub-continent namely Baba Bulleh Shah, Nizamuddin Aulia, Data Ganj Bakhsh, Baba Farid, and others propagated the message of the Prophet (PBUH) that focused on the love for humanity.
He said four qualities contributed to a good leader, including truthfulness, justice, courage, and selflessness.
He said the moral fabric of a nation gets ruined if it stops recognizing corruption and dishonesty as evils.
Later, the Prime Minister took round of different academic blocks of the university and interacted with the faculty.

Our youth is in a quandary after seeing the western system of life. The western countries are developing due to science and technology. But the4y are on decline in perspective of spirituality. Pope himself has indicated it.