PITC directed to ensure timely compliant resolution


Minister for Power, Sardar Awais Ahmad Khan Leghari chaired a meeting concerning the operational effectiveness of Customer Care Centers within the power sector today. The discussions yielded several crucial directives aimed at enhancing service quality and ensuring customer satisfaction.
During the meeting, Minister Awais Leghari directed the Pakistan Information Technology Company (PITC) to ensure that every complaint received at customer centers nationwide is promptly followed up with a phone call to provide customers with regular updates on the progress of their complaints.
This initiative seeks to improve communication and transparency in the complaint resolution process. Additionally, Minister Awais Leghari tasked PITC with conducting a comprehensive data analysis of all complaints received since 2018.
The objective is to determine the percentage of complaints initially marked as resolved but later deemed invalid, thereby enhancing accountability and transparency within the sector.
The Minister emphasized the importance of making this data accessible to the general public, In efforts to expedite complaint resolution, Minister Leghari directed a thorough reevaluation of complaint redressal timeframes. He also reiterated the importance of strict adherence to load shedding guidelines, with zero tolerance for any additional load shedding beyond the established formula.
Furthermore, Minister Leghari underscored the need for accountability by stating that individuals found negligent in addressing complaints according to PITC standards will face penalties, including charges of inefficiency and negligence in their Annual Confidential Reports (ACRs).