PM Kakar terms genocide of Palestinian children as holocaust


The Interim Prime Minister said that a professional army never targets civilians and children, expressing deep concern over the tragic events evolving in Gaza, particularly the holocaust of Palestinian children.
During his address at the launch of the “Zara Alert App” in Islamabad, PM Anwaarul Haq Kakar reiterated the government’s commitment to safeguarding children’s rights. He urged all societal classes to actively contribute to the improvement of children’s well-being, emphasising the government’s continuous efforts towards their welfare.
Highlighting the importance of children as the future’s assets, Kakar stated that the implementation of the Zara Alert app will play a crucial role in safeguarding their rights.
He condemned the ongoing massacre of children in Gaza, stressing that the indiscriminate killing of innocent children by the Israeli army reflects a severe violation of international laws and human rights.
Expressing deep guilt for the plight of Gaza’s children, the Interim Prime Minister urged an immediate halt to the holocaust. He stressed the need to view the situation in Gaza through the lens of human rights rather than religious colours, predicting that the ongoing crisis in Palestine could become a crucial component in future conflicts.
The Prime Minister reaffirmed unwavering commitment to safeguard the children from all kinds of harm including abuse, violence, homelessness and abduction. He said our commitment to the protection of children stems from the profound understanding that they are the torch bearers of our future.
Anwaar-ul-Haq Kakar said we firmly believe that every child deserves a nurturing environment, access to quality education, healthcare and the opportunity to develop to full potential. He said the government remains steadfast in its dedication to upholding the UN convention on the rights of the child.
By empowering children and advocating for their rights, we are building a stronger and more equitable society where they can thrive and contribute meaningfully to the progress of the nation. In his remarks, Minister for Human Rights, Khalil George said the children are the future and asset of Pakistan and it is our collective responsibility to work towards protection of their fundamental rights.
Earlier, Prime Minister Anwaar-ul-Haq Kakar launched Zainab Alert, Response and Recovery App (ZARRA) at an event in Islamabad on Monday in connection with World Children’s Day. The ZARRA App is a mobile application that can be used to report missing and abducted children.
The App will allow users to upload a photo of the child, provide information about the child’s disappearance, and share the alert with others. The App, which is connected with all the police stations in the country, will also allow users to track the progress of the investigation and receive updates on the child’s status.
The Prime Minister has expressed the confidence that the initiative will serve as an impregnable fortress to safeguard the children of Pakistan.
He said timely issuance of alerts pertaining to the missing and abducted children will undoubtedly facilitate the law enforcement agencies in their relentless pursuit to swiftly recover these innocent souls.