PM reaches Peshawar despite being directed by election commission not to visit


Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan has arrived in Peshawar despite being advised by Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) not to visit Peshawar.
ECP district monitoring officer Peshawar has sent reminder to PM wherein the PM has been directed not to undertake visit of Peshawar as schedule for Local Bodies (LB) polls has been announced.

According to ECP LB polls are going to take place on December 19 in KP. In the first phase the polls will be held in Peshawar. Following the announcement of schedule of election, visiting the respective areas by PM will be considered violation of code of conduct.

The Election commission has further said the President, PM and governor cannot visit the respective constituency in connection with development scheme after the announcement of election schedule. Legal proceedings can be initiated for violating code of conduct. Election Commission can take action under section 233 and 234 of election act.